Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tur-Tell's..terrapene carolina

Now I know why I have so many turtles!
I found these two Monday morning, it was still really wet from the rains of Sunday, and they were in the 3 acre hay field off the back trail.
The sequence names these two, "F" and "G".
Nature has its' own 'punny' way, I couldn't make that up!

This turtle was found the same morning by Penny, my Aussie. She sniffs around them alerting me to their presence. This beauty is now "H".

If you want more info on box turtles, go to a google search and put in box turtle..lots of info comes up.

This one was also found by Penny...( Good dog !)..
It is the smallest so far, and has the letter "I".

I may attach names to these letters at a later date, and maybe readers can help...

I am getting a lot of cucumbers from my garden, and today I made cucumber and onion salad that is chilling in the fridge for supper, along with some chicken breasts that are marinating...The fresh vegetables are wonderful. Last night was summer and zuchinni squash with green beans and onions steamed in wine with knorr chicken boullion...yummmmmm!
Below is a shot of the developing watermelons, and there are lots coming along...we have several canteloupes, too. This is my first year trying to grow them, so I'm hoping they will be good.

The peach tree's are overloaded!
We have been trying to keep the deer out and keep the branches braced up so they won't break!

Already have made peach compote and used it on toast and we actually put it on the pork roast last night! Really good!

Another day in the country!
Happy girl....that's me!


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