Friday, July 24, 2009

Fungi and Snakes

This morning seemed so perfect for finding turtles after last nights rain. I walked the trail with my 2 dogs and my camera ready, sure I would get some new pics. No turtles.
However, this black snake had no sense of humor! Penny, my youngest Aussie, had no fear, but Belle, my 3 year old, knew better. She barked and snapped, but kept her distance, and I gave this guy plenty of room!

It was a mushroom morning, with all kinds and colors showing off their stuff.

I particularly liked this big cinnamon bun looking one!

Some looked like flowers...

Some looked fake...

And some had BIG stems and little tiny heads!

These were the 'condo mushrooms'...
Reminds me of the townhouses and condo's popping up all around Smith Mountain Lake, only these fungi are prettier!!

Bob and I will take another 'day vaca' tomorrow...who knows where we will end up!


Amy Tate said...

Ewwwwwwww!!!!!! I can't believe I put a snake in the opening scene of Attack at Fleetwood Hill. If you knew how much I'm afraid of them, then you'd understand how difficult it was for me to write those first few lines. Can you even imagine picking that thing up????? GROSS.

claudia said...

Wow! You are snake creeped!
I feel the same about the spiders...I think the one in my zucchini is a recluse..I won't pick them now, Bob does!

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