Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,
I am having a great time here in Virginia with Mom. I was really good on the long ride down, although Mom was a nervous wreck, I tried not to notice. I knew I was at Auntie Claudia and Uncle Bob's house as soon as we turned down their driveway, and I wanted to jump out the window, but Mom yelled and shut it fast so I had to wait for her.
We run every day, me and Penny and Belle and of course Aunti. I try to keep an eye on her, but its hard to watch Belle and her both.

When we start out, Belle barks and runs Penny up the ramp or under the porch and she even snaps at me, Dad. She's really mean and bitchy.

Then if there are any really good smells, Belle hogs them up. I don't know about these cousins of mine Dad. Penny's ok but that Belle is really hard to deal with, but I am really trying. A few days ago I was watching Belle, cause she ran at me and snapped, so I backed up fast and didn't see Aunti and she hit me! She was going really slow, and it scared us both! I screamed,"Get off of me!", but she really wasn't on me, and when I moved forward, that machine didn't really have me like I thought. Aunti shut it off and checked my hiney, and I was fine, just scared. She yelled at Belle, so I was happy and we ran on.

I'm getting really fast and I can catch Belle and sometimes pass her. Boy does that piss her off!
I usually lay back just because I am a gentleman like Aunti says. I try not to bite her tires when we start, but I forget sometimes, and Aunti yells at me, so Belle runs at me with her big mouth going full bore! One of these days I'm gonna tell her what for!
I'm being really good, and I sleep with Mom in her room, so she won't be scared. Uncle Bob lets me out if I want when he gets up, and sometimes I do, but I need my sleep after running hard all day. Aunti says I'm slimming down. I sure love the creek, I love to get in and soak my belly and stuff, and then I shake and make that noise. Aunti always laughs.

I'm being good about the cats, too. They're ok, as long as I don't crowd them. I stay well away when I go by, especially that one-eyed one and the black one. They have bad tempers. The big whitish one and his brother, the grey one are pretty cool, though. Uncle Bob really loves those cats, and he always carries the grey one in the door when he comes home, AND he lets him play cards with him, and they can get on the furniture, but me and my cousins can't. I hate that, cause I want to sit with Mom, but I am being good.

Well Dad, I can't wait until you come down and play with me. This is the coolest place, cause I NEVER have to be on the leash at all!!!! Today I went up the hill to our house. I followed Mom, and she didn't want me too, so she was mad. She went to the store and I was bothering Wayne and Uncle Bob, so Uncle Bob drove me back to his house in his work truck. I like to ride now, and that was really fun cause Belle saw me get out and she has never riddin in Bobs truck, and I did!
HA- HA to her!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I'm going to bed, and so is Aunti. She wrote this for me cause my paws don't work well on that typing thingy.
Love you Dad and miss you, but I don't want to go home to the leash yet, ok?
XO, Jiggs


Anonymous said...

Dear Jiggs,

I live just over yonder from where you are visiting and I know what you mean about Belle. She and I have gotten into some bite fights before, but our mommies always pull us apart. Belle knows her way around the trails, though, and is hell on squirrels.

If Belle gets too bossy, you can always visit me. I will teach you how to hunt rats.

--Maggie the Border Collie

Anonymous said...

Dear Jiggs,
I'm glad your having a good time at Auntie's and that you are being so good. Like you I am looking forward to the time when we can stay there and forget all about returning to Leashville. We are getting close to that time pal but we still have to wait a while. The good news is I'll be with you in a couple of weeks. The bad news is I can only stay a week and a half before we'll have to head back to Leashville so enjoy yourself and take good care of Mom. She is very important to me and I'm glad your there to watch over her. Tell Belle to chill out and if she continues to be a pest, ignore her and pay a lot of attention to Penny. That'll fix her.

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