Monday, August 24, 2009

Pigg River Outing and awards

First of all, thank you to Amy Tate for giving me this Humane Award !
The dictionary describes 'humane' as ,
"Having the good qualities of human beings, as kindness, mercy, or compassion."
Thank you Amy, all my 'furry critters' and I accept and will try to be worthy of it!

Next, sorry for the long span in between blogs, I have had company, and have been away from my computer and out and about! My brother Clay and wife Jan have been down working on their retirement home up the hill, Jan has been down a month and Clay flew in a week ago...We have been busy, but also have had some fun!
These next picutures are from two different trips to the Pigg river via the 4-wheelers...all three dogs, my two Aussies Belle and Penny, and their Aussie Jiggs ran the entire route to and fro, about 2 1/2 miles each way! Neighbors, the Newcombs and their 4 dogs were along as well, they rode in their Rhino most of the way, although their Aussie, Penny's sister Jazz, jumped out of the Rhino and took up the run with the other Aussies!

Clay on his machine beside Bobs with Rhino feorground.

Jiggs, Belle and Penny, right to left.

Samantha and her Aussie, Jazz.

Lunch in the Pigg, 4-wheel style! Teyah on Clays lap.

Bob on left, then Troy and Clay with Melissa and Jan seated.

Quarrie thought he might like to try a ride on the 4-wheeler, that is until it actually started up!

A little wet from the walk up the river!

Jan cooling off, Pigg river style!

Clay with Penny, and Bob racing around making waves!

Clay and Jan relaxing on the swing they got me for my birthday! Thanks Guys!

We , Clay and I and sometimes Jan and Bob, ran the dogs on our trails 2 times a day, morning and evening. They would pant and pace when they knew it was time to run. The turtle findings were scarce, I think because of the heat and the dryness. Lately Clay and I found two new turtles, marked 'V' and 'W'. As always we found new and colorful mushrooms along the creek area, where its cooler and wetter.

This one looks like purple velvet...
Last night was Clay and Jans last, for this trip anyway...
Brother John and wife Bette, grandson Luke and daughter Kate called early evening and said they were close to Roanoke on their way to drop Kate in Texas to start her new life with her guy. Naturally we said, "come on, we'll make room"..
so Clay and Jan spent their last night at their house, while the others packed in here for a fast meal and a good nights rest. They were up and gone by 7 am, Clay came down and ran the dogs with me for one last run, and had a quick breakfast and left.
The house is very quiet...
the dogs are asleep on the floor and Bob is scoping out a job...
Its bittersweet when company leaves...
on the one hand, I like the freedom an empty house affords me.
On the other hand, I miss my family, the card games and meals and the company...
Gemini's are truly twins in one person. Thats me exactly.
Safe journeys to all my traveling loved ones...
Until next visit!

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