Sunday, November 2, 2008



I am being bugged.
Lady bugs have taken over.
This is one corner of one room.

Bob has declared war on the critters.
He falls asleep in his easy chair and gets whacked awake by the bugs bouncing off the ceiling fan onto his face!

To the shed he went.
Back he came with his work vacumn, and he rigged up a hose to reach the high ceiling easily.

Open war on the bugs.
He has done this two times already, and it needed it again today!

Is anyone else being bugged by the ladies?
I know they are good bugs to have, but come on!
Enough is enough!!!!



Becky Mushko said...

Looking on the bright side, they probably are very entertaining to your cats.

Amy Hanek said...

I have the same issue in my own house. I tried vacuuming some up, but I have a very high ceiling in my living room.

I sometimes think they are up there sticking their little buggy tongues out at me, offering raspberries my way! How rude.

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