Thursday, October 30, 2008

barns,buffalo, bounty and babes


This is a shot of our wood barn...

The roof has had its repairs, and now we have to concentrate on getting the sides repaired. It is amazingly straight for such neglect through the years. It is not used for much but storage for our renters, but I would like to use the top for hay storage at some point.

When in New Hampshire I stayed a few nights at The Moore' farm. Kim is an old friend, and her family has a 200+ acre farm adjoining her home, and they have taken up raising beefalo. The three darkest critters in the center are baby buffalo. Very cute, but quite wild still, although they are getting along well with their pasture mates, I couldn't get too close to them. They are apt to run when scared. I would love a buffalo, as that is my totem animal, but they get really big and need very strong fences. Besides, I make pets of everything, and couldn't bear to eat an animal I raised.

While up north we went apple picking...

I love picking apples, but I knew that with as many orchards as there are here in Virginia, it would be foolish to pick up there and then ship them here.

My plan is to go this weekend to an orchard up near the Peaks of Otter near the Parkway, and get some apples. After all, it is time to start baking my apple breakfast breads that I give for Christmas! Ummmmm, I can smell the aroma now!!!!

This next picture is one taken of my dear friend Sandy and my Mom up at the Moore Farm. Sandy, who is exactly my age, was stricken with M.S. when she was just 40. She's a stubborn Italian, and is not giving in easily to her disease. My Mom is 85 now, and her health is pretty good, but her mind is failing. She is going to come stay with me for a while, within the next few weeks, I would imagine. At least here I can get her out more easily than the frigid North.

We need to count our blessing every day. We need to be grateful for what we have.
"To dream of the person you could be, is wasting the person you are now."
Enjoy every day of your life, and love with all your heart...


Amy Tate said...

Yummm - can I get on your Christmas list?

Claudia Condiff said...

you are on it!!!

Becky Mushko said...

A few years ago, there used to be some buffalo in the neighborhood (well, in Glade Hill—other side of Jack's Mountain from you). When they escaped from their pasture, the cops shot them before they could get onto Rt. 40 and cause accidents.

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