Sunday, October 26, 2008

Late October


My 4-wheeler down by the creek...

We are coming into the last of October. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Walking the woods is the best in Autumn, the smell of the leaves and the earth is sweet. The dogs love a 4-wheel romp, and this morning we rode around down to the creek and they had a little drink. Good thing I put color to their collars, Belle blends well with the leaves!

Some say that those who prefer the fall are morbid know, the dying of the leaves and the grasses and all.

I don't beleive that at all. I look at Fall as the 'exfoliant' time for mother natures skin. She sloughs off all the old dead skin (foliage), and puts on a nice coating of cream (snow), and awaits the sleep of winter that replenishes her , and in Spring she will once again blossom with fresh green, supple foliage.

These are the last of my roses for this year...

Becky gave me some seeds from her garden, I have forgotten what they were, and now they are sprouting up in a pot on my kitchen sink!

The last few tomatoes are here, and they were cut up and eaten with last nights dinner.

Another favorite thing in Fall is Halloween.

I live it all year long.
This is a centerpiece with a bumper sticker in front of it, that says,"Witch Wagon", "All others will be toad." I got a few bumper stickers when I went to Salem, Mass. while I was in New England.

This hat is a permanent fixture....

As is the "to do" list hung in my kitchen...... I love Halloween almost as much as Christmas!

Today Bob and I went and saw my horse Rebel, that I sold before going North. He's the bay looking at us. His field mates are all geldings, two black registered Walkers, and one paint. They all seem to be getting on well together, and although he came when I called him, Reb didn't seem too anxious when the cookies and apples stopped, he just went back to his new pasture and his buddies. He looks well, and has gained weight...

I'm happy that he seems content.

The Holidays will be on us soon, and I will have my mother here with me for a while. She's 85 and has some health and mind problems, but we will work through them, and it will be nice to have her with me for the Holidays. My grandson Caine is almost 9 months old now, and I am going to try to spend more time with him, and have him around my mother. She loves babies and it will be good for the both of them... family is very important.

In the end, all we have are family and friends, and the friends are hard to come by when your a Yankee woman with a college education and a hippie-ish outlook on life living in rural America...where woman should be subserviant to their husbands, no matter how they are treated.

Happy Halloween...blessings.



Amy Tate said...

Well, I'm as proud as a peacock to have you as my college-educated Yankee friend! So glad to hear that you've brought your mother back with you - maybe she could sit in on our writer's group.
I laughed at how your dog blended in with the leaves! I'm glad you found an orange collar!

Becky Mushko said...

The seeds I gave you are probably blackberry lillies, from a plant that I originally got as seeds from fellow Lake Writer Sally.

Or they might be luminaria (money plant) that originally came from seeds from plants in my mother's yard.

Plant seeds of joy! Whatever they are. . . .

Claudia Condiff said...

Becky, your right! They are the blackberry lillies! Now, can they winter over in the pot? Or do I put them in the ground now?
What to do, what to do...
and your also right about seeds of joy..and thank you Amy! My Mom isn't here yet, but will be in a few weeks, and she would love to sit in with us, or actually she would love the kids!

Amy Hanek said...

Boo! I like Halloween too! (I'm a poet and didn't know it - lol)

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