Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Elizabethan Penny and greens

Poor Penny!

She's been collared and she isn't happy at all. She was spayed last Wednesday while she and Belle were kenneled during our vacation.

Arriving home from our trip to Ocean City Maryland, Bob's surf fishing tournament, in which he did fish even though he had food poisoning and lived on immodium that worked a little...the man is tough, but the trip was tainted by him being so sick and my brother had a terrible cold. The weather was nice and Jan and I did enjoy the beach and the pool (indoor) and the sauna and the hot-tub..I actually read on the beach!

We came back Sunday evening, and got the dogs from the kennel on Monday. Penny jumped up when she saw me and pee'd blood. The vet took samples and ran it right away and found she had an infection of the urinary tract. He was amazed, because she never went in the kennel, and he said that never happens...usually the dog has to go...not my Penny..she held it, the love, and suffered through. She came home on antibiotics and pain medication, and within the first 24-48 hours she is much improved. Both she and Belle have been velcro'd to my side!! They will be really upset to find me leaving on Sunday, but at least they will be home, alone days until Bob comes home from work. Rebel is still here and will be leaving this weekend I think, if not they will take him next week.

Creasy salad.....
Thats what the neighbors call these greens, which have mustard greens and turnip greens..
Does anyone know if the spelling is right? What actually is creasy? (I am spelling it phonetically)
The rinsing was long and the soaking overnight....
the cooking was done in a huge pot with sea salt and hog jowls..for 3 hours.
We had them tonight and darned if they weren't really tasty!!!
This is the pot before cooking...

I can hear my girlfriend Kim laughing now..
Hog jowls and greens...
I may be becoming a tad more southern day by day!!!



Amy Tate said...

Oh I'm sorry your hubbie got food poisoning. How awful. Did he figure out where? I'm glad you got a break - you needed one!

Claudia Condiff said...

Amy, I think it was on the ride up...we stopped at a clam shack, and he had a crab cake, and I, boiled shrimp. Thats the only time we didn't eat the same...
he's well now that were home....go figure!

kim said...

Hey there girlfriend! If you don't know me!!! I really didn't think I was laughing, THAT, loud....ok,..maybe I was, I was definitely laughing out loud! They look beautiful though, I bet they are tasty! Bob needs to stay away from that Fishing Tournament! He has been getting sick every year! Can't wait to see you!

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