Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raising Caine

This is my grandson,Caine.
Any wonder why he is the love of my life???
I try to get up to Bedford and see him once a week, and as he's getting older, I will take him here to my farm for an overnighter once in awhile.

I love to get him out whenever possible. This was Tuesday, and it was cold, but we bundled up and drove to Liberty Park in Bedford to have a walk. I didn't know there would be ducks and geese. The ducks are looking for a handout, so they come right close. Caine was actually laughing out loud when they quacked! We didn't feed them, but they stayed close for a long while, and he was absolutly fascinated with them!

There is a walk through the forest there, that has a paved path and a handrail. It is an exercise trail, but we were happy to swish through the leaves. I like Caine to experience nature, I like him to feel grass on his feet, and this was a good time for him to check out leaves. I filled his tray on his stroller with leaves, and gave him a pretty yellow supple leaf, that he did what all 9 month olds do. Put it in his mouth.....

Didn't taste so good....

He's learned the 'raspberry'....

His bibb says.."A little dirt never hurt!" Makes sense to me!
I let him experience the leaf tasting and touching and I intend to make sure he loves being outdoors as much as I do. Well, maybe he'll decide he doesn't like it, but he will be able to make a choice with some first hand knowledge!
And speaking of hands, check out the size of his mitt's!!! He sure takes after his Grandpa!Gosh, I'm such a Grandma!


Becky Mushko said...

My gosh, he's growing so fast! We'll have him running with the dogs in no time.

Amy Hanek said...

He's beautiful Claudia!!

Amy Tate said...

Love your title! That baby boy is too precious - enjoy every minute with him. Neither one of my children liked the feel of grass on their feet. However, both of them ate leaves.

Anonymous said...

He does have the mitts doesn't he! Yes, you do sound like a grandmother.... I know the feeling and it's wonderful!

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

The come "right close" Claudia? Is that anything like, "Come back now?" lol You're picking up the lingo!

Caine is gorgeous! You're so lucky to have him and your family is very lucky to have such a doting nana.

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