Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh deer


I have a tree camera.I love to see what shows up when I take it in and check it.
Sometimes I see the same deer in the back yard during the day and I can recognize them.
I feel like I know them.

These are the babies with their Mom that I have seen through the summer grazing at dusk with my miniature horses.
It is always such a thrill for me to watch them.

I heard my neighbor shot a spike horn. I think it is one of these babies.
I hate hunting season. I don't feel safe running my land with the dogs.
I hate seeing a deer hung. I am past all that. Yup. I used to hunt with my family up North.I can't kill animals anymore. I have become familiar with them. Watched them play.
I raised a deer from 3 days old until it got the call of the wild, when living in Texas. Shiloh was the name I gave him, a buck.
He would run through the sprinkler like a child. When he was scared, he would bleat like a sheep, and he would fold up on my lap and suck on my ear lobe. I bottle fed him. He had a personality, and a joy for life.
I can't hunt anymore, not since I have looked in their eyes. I have seen fear, and joy and recognition.
Watch the movie POWDER, about the albino boy.
I won't hunt anymore.



Amy Hanek said...

A tree camera - that is SO COOL. I'm jealous. Well, just a little.

I've seen the movie Powder. You're right, it will change your outlook on many things.

Bambi did that for me.

Clementine said...

We put a salt lick in our woods in view of our tree camera. I'm with you - they are PRECIOUS! One night, Shannon just happened to awake at 3am. When he looked out the window, our cat Oakey was playing with one of the deer. It was ADORABLE!

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