Tuesday, June 26, 2018


It' now 2018, five years have passed since my last blog entry. Seems like yesterday when I reread it. I am newly retired from my paraprofessional job having spent 8 years with my little buddy Kris, who is now entering 7th grade this coming school year..
  My grandson Caine is now a big boy, he's 10. Bob and I are married 20 years,( how did that happen so quick?). My mother and Bob's mother are both passed, within a year of each other. Bob had kidney cancer and lost one kidney. He is doing quite well in spite of this. I have an artificial knee as well as the hip. I'm working at becoming bionic, or at the least adding years to my life with new parts.
  I am still an avid birder and train rider and animal/nature lover. I love to take photographs, and hope to be able to write again. Time will be available now that retirement is here, as long as all my time isn't spent at doctors. That is another goal, to get fit and stay healthy.
  So here's to more ME time ! I hope to share my adventures with you all here on my blogsite. That being said, maybe I should rename my blog ?
  I will sleep on the idea.
It's good to talk to you all again !


Becky Mushko said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I don't think you need to rename your blog—in the country there are plenty of furry critters—and feathered critters, etc.

allfurrycritters said...

I think you are right Becky...All things in nature interest me, and lately
genealogy. I think I am going to get an Ancestry kit and find out some background. According to family talk, we are related to Robbie Burns. I want to find out the truth, not just believe the tales.

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