Saturday, June 30, 2018

Running Cows and day lillies

This day lily farm is in Floyd on 221 south.
It is called "Wildwood Farm", and it's a good day trip. They have live Bluegrass music on Saturday nights, ( I guess 'live' as opposed to 'dead' ?) and on Sunday (tomorrow) they will have a classic car show...(1st and 3rd Sunday of the months during Spring and Summer.) They are on Facebook, so you can preview there. A general store with sundry items...I love that, and even a "Kitchen" serving some foods. Worth the pretty ride , especially if you go up the Parkway as we always do.

We purchased some elderberry jelly, my favorite and some strawberry preserves for Bob. There were lots of pretty things in the gift part, and there are rockers outside for setting in. You can meander the flower beds although today was hot even in the mountains, so we walked several rows, then 'set' in one of the covered sheds, and finally opted to wait for a cooler day to finish my wish list of lilies.

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