Friday, June 29, 2018

The moon was full last night. I enjoyed the bubbly, soothing heat of my new spa while pondering all that it encompasses.

  Today I received my copy of Sharyn McCrumbs book, "The Songcatcher". I will add it to my collection of Appalachian writers...Becky Mushko;Carolyn Tyree Feagans; Leisha Kelly; Jan Karon; Peggy Shifflett; Karen Smith; Keister Greer; Rodger Doss;Silas House; Dan Smith; Richard Davids and probably some others hidden back on my shelf. That's another chore ahead of me, clearing out old papers and magazines. The books will stay.
   I am wondering if the McCourry family in this new book is an offshoot of my family, also originating in Scotland, the MacQuarrie clan. 
  That brings me to yet another thing I want to do, have my DNA tested through ancestry and see what I can find out about my roots. Maybe that's an age related desire, or maybe I know I will have more time to explore family history now in retirement. I have always felt it's important  to know my background.
  Daily life has sewn me up today, I need to finish laundry and do all the other domestic goddess chores as well as pop into town to bring a urine sample to the vet. Penny is starting into another bladder infection, I think, so I need to get her started on meds if it is. 
  So many things I want to do. I am excited for life !

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