Monday, December 9, 2013

Stinky vents, cruddy veins and ice

This is week 4 since my new hip was put in. Today was regular blood work at Drs. and this was the 2nd try for the nurse at my Drs. No go, and this time I stopped her after she blew the vein in my arm and was happily going to 'try' in my hand...all my nice was used up, so I insisted going to the hospital where the lab got the first stick (mind you it was where I told her to try )...I am shaky and exhausted 2 weeks I see the Dr to go over labs, and I will tell him then I do not want his nurse ever again!
Icy out today, and really feels like winter.
  The inside of my house is still green which makes me happy, however the smell in the whole house is most definably dead mouse in the ductwork. UGH !!! No way to get rid of it , other than mask it with candles and wait it out. Country living has its good and bad times. Not loving this. December 24th is the date I have x-rays to see if I can jettison this walker. Probably be replaced with a cane, but even that will seem so free. Looking forward to the New Year, back to work with the kids and walking without pain. If I don't get back to this before the New Year, Merry Christmas to all, with so much love, Claudia 


Becky Mushko said...

Nice to see you blogging again!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Yeah, it's about time, isn't it Becky? I guess it takes a hip replacement to slow her down and get her to sit at her computer, lol.

A few weeks ago there was a horrible smell in the house, in the office/dining room, mostly in the big walk-in closet in that room where I keep my file cabinets, printer, etc. It was terrible! I thought a bird got in the wall and died in there. We get birds in the walls all the time in this old farmhouse but they usually escape and I chase them around the house and open all the doors and shoo them outside or throw a blanket over them a carry them out. So I thought this time one got stuck in there. But I guess not. The next day the smell was completely gone and hasn't come back. Thank God! It was awful! I have no idea what that was. Hopefully your smell disappears too.

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