Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tidy Cat Tomatoes and sunshine


It's sunny today!!!!!!!!!I feel like a mole each time I go out, but I'm loving it!
I wanted to take full advantage of the sun shine, so I did laundry, all the bedding for three beds!
Other stuff too, but so happy to be able to hang laundry, I had to blog!

While out there, I noticed the cherry tomatoes I have growing in 'Tidy Cat' buckets are starting to have little tomoatoes!

No fancy internet tomatoe buckets for this Scottish lass! I have 5 cats, and with all that kitty litter we use those buckets for lots of things, and this use is really productive!

I put a plant out the bottom....and..a plant in the top!
Festive and bright yellow! So easy to water and work with hanging on the deck railing!
I also use old tires for my cucumbers and squashs, and they are really doing well!!
Happy sunshine....
Simple pleasures!


Amy Tate said...

We use those buckets too. I used it to wash the car on the last sunny day we enjoyed. Was that Saturday?

Becky Mushko said...

I think I'll have squash to harvest tomorrow. This hot wet weather has really made my garden grow.

REDROSEMOM77 said...

You are lucky your garden is growing in your tidy cat pails.
My garden nothing just all rain and its cold for June .I will have to try tidy cat pails and move to a warmer place.

CountryDew said...

Very good reuse of those buckets! The sunshine has made my garden grow tremendously. I'm hoping for squash and green beans in the next few days.

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