Sunday, June 7, 2009

Celtic Women concert

It has been a great weekend!!!

Friday night Bob took me to see 'Celtic Women' in concert at the Roanoke Civic Center! This was his birthday gift to me. He got the tickets back in December of last year, and I have been anxiously awaiting the date!
We made an evening of it stopping first to dine at 'Montano's International Restaurant' on Franklin Rd. SW...This was our first visit to Montano's, but not our last as the food was fabulous!
I had macadamia nut encrusted salmon, stuffed with herbs and cheeses...YUM! A glass of wine, fresh crusty bread with dipping oils, and a crisp salad...perfect!
Next we drove to the Civic Center, and while driving in line to turn in, I spotted the drummer for the 'Celtic Women' taking a brisk walk, so shy person I am, I opened the window of the Hummer and shouted out,
"Hey, aren't you the drummer?"
He smiled and winked and shook his head to affirm...
Bob said I thought it was Celtic WOMEN...
I said, the lead singers are 'Celtic Women'...
the back up singers are male and female, and the two drummers are definately male!
(I knew this from watching them in concert every time I find them on tv, usually PBS)
Check out you tube..
In search put in Celtic Women...
Then click on any song you might like hearing!
The concert was spectacular, and my husband revealed that it was his first indoor concert! The Civic Center seating was very comfortable, as I had requested an outside seat, so Bob could stretch his leg out. We will keep an eye out for upcoming events...

Saturday we went to the Catholic church annual 'Junque' sale on Rte.122 up past West Lake, and then stopped at a few of the sales along the route. We went to Kroger's and had lunch ! Yes, the grocery store now has a great selection of foods for immediate consumption, including barbeque ribs and beans, which I had, and it was really good! We ate the entree with 2 sides and had a drink with it, for $5.99. They even have suishi ! There is a seating area, and it is cool and clean!
Then we did Goodwill, and the various stores along that strip mall had sidewalk sales, as did most West Lake stores on Saturday, and we went in the wicker store and found a new resin wicker-look swing, in green, complete with cushion and chains for less than anywhere we have checked, including on line!! It looks great replacing my lovely white real-wicker one that has just seen better days, sadly the tubing is very rusted and the wicker breaking in clumps..
so the new swing is weather resistant ( as much as possible ) and its a sage green! Love will follow on another blog..

Our hummingbirds are back in full force, I got up close to these as I was changing out feeders..

This female seems to have gold 'glitter' all over her!
I think it was pollen. Bob put up a hummingbird feeding bar today, and pics of it will come on another blog as well!


Amy Tate said...

Happy Birthday Miss Claudia! I'm so glad you had such a great time.

Corrie Prater said...

I hate to BLOG snoop but I have good reason! I am the marketing director for the Roanoke Civic Center and have Google alerts on for any of our events. Your blog popped up with your review of the show! Celtic Women are FABULOUS!! I am very glad you enjoyed the show. I also found it funny that you were at the Joyous Junque sale on Saturday... I was there as well! My mother in law and I go every year and we were there at 6:30 bright and early!
I'm glad you had a good time at the show and at "the Junque"!
Corrie Prater
Marketing Director
Roanoke Civic Center

claudia m. condiff said...

Thank you Corrie!
We did have a great time, our first at Roanoke Civic Center...We had gone to an event in Salem two years back, and the seating was awful! My husband and I will be at more Civic Center functions for sure!

claudia m. condiff said...

Thank you Amy!!!
Not a bird...hmmmm...
see you Wednesday for further discussion on the value of not birds!

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