Monday, June 29, 2009

Parkway Rhodies

Bob and I love to travel about and see new places. With the economy so bad, we try to take day trips, so every Saturday we decide where to go, while we have breakfast out...

Our Saturday trip this week took us to Floyd, Virginia.

We followed the 'Crooked Road---Virginia's Music Trail', and wound up in this great little town.
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There is a Country Store here with the best food, and on friday nights there is music , in fact the whole street packs up with people listening to music or playing the guitar or banjo or fiddle, etc.!!

Hers Bob checking out the menu of 'Cafe del Sol'..

The sidewalks are made so you can sit and listen, or sit and play...

The many shops lining the streets are eclectic, and reminded me of Key West in Florida, Eureka Springs in Arkansas, Cape Cod in Massachusetts or even coastal Maine. Very artsy and almost hippie-ish with 'Winter Sun' clothing, tie dyed shirts and crafts of local people...

I had to take a picture of this little nook, I felt like I was in Key West again!!

Made me homesick for the Keys!

The reason we started this journey was to see the Rhodedendrons on the Parkway...

In the 4 years(well, almost) we have been here, we always miss seeing them in bloom!

I took alot of pictures of them, and there are white and pink ones...

We met some really nice folks in Floyd Virginia, and we are going to get back there for a Friday night music take-in...
The Blue Ridge Parkway leads to all sorts of wonderful places, and so does the Crooked Road, so take a little ride if your local, or a long ride if you aren't!
You won't be disappointed! Bring your camera!

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