Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Making Tracks

My Florida Keys friend, Donna, finally made it up this year. She comes and goes withing 12 hours,as a rule. She just comes up for a haircut, and a quick visit, and then she's off again!
I am used to her ways. This time she arrived mid-day on tuesday and stayed until about 9:30 this morning!
In that short time we made several salads and dressings, and coconut smoothies (from the coconuts she brought up)and had dinner with Bob last night!
Amazing! Donna is a 'raw vegan'. She eats nothing but raw fruits,vegetables, nuts and only. It is quite interesting to me...Bob wanted to know if my horses got nervous when she came...
I didn't get it either..
Afraid she would strip their fields...Oh Bob..

Here's some mangoes, and key limes and papayas and a few oranges from the bounty she brought from the Keys. She also brought coconuts, and raw macadamia nuts and cashew and brazil nuts...Olives to die for (gee's they were good!)
And below is a picture of the elusive lady herself...
70 years young, works 24/7, lives alone in the Keys and drove up here in one straight shot, and drove to Raleigh-Durham to fly back to Lauderdale and will drive on to the Keys..
She called this a vacation! Maybe there is something to the way she eats....

This morning I ran the dogs after Donna left, making tracks for the airport....
and I decided to take some pictures of some of the tracks I found on the route I run through our property here in SW Virginia...
Can anyone identify these tracks??
I will put what I think they are, and if anyone reads this and thinks differently, please comment at the end of this blog...
Just hit comment and hit name url and put your name in..
Happy tracking!

raccoon and some kind of bird?

I have no idea!

Big cat???/Maybe the cougar?

?????????????Dog, maybe

Bird again, but what is the tiny one to the right? Tiny raccoon??

Sure is fun to see whats been around...
Well, Donna and critters are 'making tracks!'

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Amy Tate said...

I have no idea. That one print DOES look like a big cat. But I'd be surprised to see a cat walk through wet mud like that. Let me know what you find out!

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