Thursday, December 18, 2008

Losing it


This will be a quick blog, I think.
I must be losing it. My mind. I sent a Christmas card to my brother with a note saying that a bond was in it for his grandson, my g-nephew. It wasn't, and I don't send him a bond, I send him a check, which also wasn't there!
I have at least 4 things going on at once, Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, doing laundry and making a shopping list for Moms impending visit. Must have prune juice,etc,etc,etc.I have finished nothing. I flit from thing to thing like a butterfly. I found I had bills due while going through the cards.Stopped to write them, and went to the check book, and found I need to balance it. Went to the computer to check the bank balance, and went to e-mails instead and have been there for the last hour. Went to go to the bank web-site and came here to the blog site instead.
Its 2 pm and I feel like Curly in the three stooges show, where he has his toe nailed to the floor as he hurries in circles.
So I decided, hell, I'm here, I'll blog. Wish it was 5 pm, I'd have a glass of wine.
Hey, its 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
Scroll to the next blog down to see what I will look like ,


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kim said...

AAHHH.....BUT YOU ARE, ...ARE'NT YA!!!Oh girl! We all do it one time or another! I burst out laughing when I saw the picture below! Oh So true! We aren't far behind! Amazingly blessed we are to have our families! I miss you! Great blogs! Keep your chin up!

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