Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eclectic Christmas tree

This is the 2008 version of the Condiff Christmas tree.

The topper is still a lighted angel although a new ornament gets added yearly. This new glass snowman was a gift from Amy Tate( Thanks Amy! Its high up where dogs and cats can't reach!)

Penny, our Aussie puppy, has now stolen and destroyed a cloth Christmas duck and 1 bow. If thats all she gets, I'll consider it a good year!

A snowman gourd..found at a Christmas sale, somewhere..

A whelk with a Santa face..A Breyer's spotted pony..

A buffalo ( my totem animal)..

Another horse for good measure..actually there are several..

A crab nativity scene( Bob's from the eastern shore)..

A sand dollar with a painted Santa Barracuda(remnants of the Keys)..

A hand painted fishy ball..( mittens for Caine beside it)

Several cats, this one is scuba diving( again, the Florida Key influence)

A painted coconut Santa..with a waterford ornament next to it..

and since we are now in Virginia, a must have 'John Deere' ornament..

What I have realized since going through my assorted treasured ornaments is that I don't have one single dog ornament!
That will have to be remedied at the next store I come to!
My tree is a memory tree. Everytime I look at it I am reminded of my past.It is alot of work for Bob and I, but I do love to smell that piney fragrance of a fresh cut tree.
Besides, going and cutting it, is half the fun!
My Mom will be with us for Christmas and I know she will enjoy gazing at the lights and reminescing of Christmas's past.
Merry Christmas everyone, and happy memories!


Raike said...
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Amy Tate said...

What a lovely tree! I enjoyed reading about all of your ornaments. So glad the puppy is behaving...sort of!

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