Monday, December 15, 2008

Family and friends

This is one of the last pictures I took of my Mom when she last visited me in the Keys.
She was headed out for a walk...
My Mom is a pip, still....

Mom is coming to stay with me for a few months. She will be here for Christmas. Another tree to share with her. I'm lucky. She has some health issues now, but mainly she has trouble with her mind. Dementia is a word applied to her condition.She says shes 'flaky'.
Why is Christmas the time when you hear bad news?
I just got an e-mail from a friend back north. Her husband, an old friend, has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and the Doctors have given him a year to year and a half to live.
I can't say I was surprised, as he was and is a heavy smoker.
But it still is sad to know another friend is leaving.

I ran into an old friend, a girl I haven't seen in forty years.She lives in Hardy. I can't beleive I recognized her, but to me she looked the same. Just older. We will connect soon, as she said her number is in the book, and I checked. It is.

A somewhat new friend, Becky ( Ms. Peevish Pen) took me to Salem to the 'Curio Cottage', a great little shop filled with treasures from the past, and the present, and books and authors and flute makers/ players and wonderful cooks, and potters. Peggy Schifflett owns this little gem, and she is an author. She and I were discussing her book 'Mom's Family Pie', and we talked about aprons, and I love aprons, and I have several. They have a place in my heart as well as hers and they are filled with memories of family.
Becky and another author, Ibby Greer, who I also felt I have known for years but just met, chatted about Ibby's husbands book, and Ibby read a few poems from her book"Paper Faces" which I immediately loved. I knew several places mentioned in her poems.
Seems I have met more people through Becky that I feel a kindred spirit with, and for that, Becky, Thank you.
I wonder what I would do with my life if I were told exactly how much time I had left.
I have so many books in front of me I want to read. I have so many craft projects I want to do. I have so many places I want to visit, and I guess I have so many people yet to meet.
I am going to see my Grandson tomorrow. Chubby little hugs will feel so good.

I e-mailed back the only thing I knew to say to my friends..
That I love him, and if I can be there to listen if they need it, I am.
Otherwise, all I have to offer is love and friendship.
Its enough for me, maybe it will be for him and his wife.
Life is short..
Love deeply and tell family and friends what they mean to you...
I hope my friends and family know they are my life.



Becky Mushko said...

Maybe we were sisters in another life. It's weird the number of things we have in common.

Amy Tate said...

Great post Claudia! How true. Life is so short. I ran across a quotation today that I just love. It's by John Gardner, and he says,

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."

Isn't that cool? I'm so glad you have this time with your mother. May you have the merriest Christmas ever with your family and friends. Oh, and by the way, your apple cake disappeared in two days. YUM!

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