Monday, August 18, 2008

'Hurricane' Fay


The last tropical storm I sat through in the Keys looked like this...a view up the canal shows the palms blown straight back and my huge desert rose in the clay pot on the dock tipped over, not to mention how high the water rose in the canal...

Sitting in Virginia watching the weather in the Florida Keys...and the storm.

My husband and I still own this house in Little Torch Key, about 28 miles up from Key West.

To say we were a little anxious about this storm is definitely an understatement.

I went about my household chores with a little more elbow grease today. It was probably the pent up emotion. I hate not knowing what's going on, and the 'Weather Channel' loves to make a story where there isn't one. I lived in the Keys 14 years... getting calls each storm from family up north wondering if we were blown to sea, and of course we weren't...really just had torrential rains and some gusty winds...nothing like they had heard on tv.

But still there's always that chance. My last name used to be Fay, and I thought, boy that would be the kicker, getting ruined by a storm named after my ex.

So I phoned up my old girlfriend Chic in Marathon Key. She said there were tornado warnings out, hard rains and some wind, but that it never got to hurricane strength.

Phew! I felt much better and Chic and I had a good was perfect sounding, and she said a neighbor lost a big almond tree, but not much else from her view...Much relief on this end...Rich, the man who takes care of the place for us until it gets sold..(We are trying!!!)..said he had gone yesterday and put up the hurricane shutters and made ready. He is the best!

So another bullet dodged. Gosh, I will be glad when I don't own property there anymore. I am too nervous about storms! The Keys locals take it all in stride, but I never could get used to it!

By the way, you can look at my house by going to ..

Click on homes for sale and mine is the first up.

27808 Lobster Tail Trail in Little Torch Key. You can see a slide show or you can take a virtual tour.

I just did and it gave me a pang...I loved that little cottage on the canal, with its colorful rooms and bright sunny windows! Bob just hated heat, and I longed for dirt...

Be careful what you wish for, cause we sure have had dirty heat here in Virginia!!!

Hey, maybe that storm will make it up here and drop rain on us!

Oh ya, be careful what you wish for!



Amy Hanek said...

I used to live in Fort Myers and watched anxiously as the storm approached and crossed my old hometown. I'm glad the residents were unscathed for the most part.

Amy Tate said...

I forgot you used to live there! I bet you did hold your breath! I'm thankful it wasn't too bad, although it looks like they are still rowing the streets in some places. I'm glad you moved up here - your such an asset to our group! Look out gift books - here comes Claudia!

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