Friday, August 22, 2008

Being Catty


These are my male cats. Quarrie is on the left, Beau in the middle and Mac on the right.

They all seem to be snoozing, but all have one eye fixed on the bird feeders just through the rails.

I got into chiggers last Sunday at my friends acreage in Gretna, and I am still itching.

I am using all the cures that people have suggested, and beleive me there are many ways people

handle this dreadful experience.

I am full of Benadryl and I have painted each bite with nail polish...then peeled it off with skin


I have put Preparation H on the red swollen bites;

I have covered the bites with cortizone cream, and alcohol and Vicks Vapor rub.....

My best advice is to stay as far away from chigger infested fields as possible.

If you do get chiggered, I suggest you take 2 'Benedryl' every four hours, and drink the alcohol...

Can anyone tell how many real cats are in this picture below?

Why would I display pictures of my cats and then talk about chiggers?

My reason is this:

No one wants to look at my legs whether they are chigger bitten or otherwise.

I myself would rather look at cute pictures of fluffy cats, wouldn't you?

Oh and if you guessed only one real cat, you guessed correctly.

Mac is surrounded by his favorite stuffed cats!



Amy Hanek said...

Chiggers - yikes! That's horrible!!

Your kitty cats are adorable and I love it when they are hunting for something they will never actually catch. Too cute!

Amy Tate said...

Oh bless your heart! My husband is allergic to chiggers and never gets over the bites without a round of steroids. Don't suffer too long - get the pills from the doc. They work fast.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

But which one is Mac?

If you'll e-mail me, I'll tell you the chigger cure. It's too embarrassing to say it publicly.

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