Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well...the colonoscopy is behind me. (he-he-he)

Just a little play on words.

The worst part was the day before, drinking all that 'half-litely'...and the pills and no solid food...

the resulting love affair with the toilet...even the dogs got tennis neck watching me run back and forth to the bathroom!

I have to say, that I would recommend going to the

Endoscopy Center of Southwest Virginia, on Duke of Glouchester Street in Roanoke.

The nurses and all the staff were very accomodating.

It is difficult at best to locate my veins and I have had really bad experiences with people becoming frustrated and 'blowing' the veins. These people took it right in stride. The nurse tried once, failed, and promptly asked a doctor for help. The doctor took his time and looked my arm and hand all over before saying, "I think I might have one, but it's tiny."

He got it first stick. Kudos to him, for sure!

Before I knew it I was wheeled into the exam room, medicated, and I woke up to a nurse who got me a lovely cup of hot coffee!

The doctor came in promptly, spoke to Bob and I, explained the results, and away we went.

This is the second time I have had the procedure done, the first time in the Fl. Keys, in a hospital, but this is the first good experience for an otherwise unpleasant, albeit necessary, exam.
Oh, so why the picture of the puppy's fuzzy butt?
I thought it way cuter than any of mine I could find, and considering my topic,
I thought it appropiate!


Becky Mushko said...

Helpful hint if you have hard-to-find veins: Ask the nurse to use a "butterfly needle" to draw blood. It's lots smaller than the regular needle, seems to find the tiny part of a vein better, and you barely feel it.

(I learned a few things duirng all those blood tests during the 22 months of chronic mono!)

Amy Hanek said...

OMG - that's the funniest picture to go with your title. Kudos to you!

It's so nice to see someone going through such an ugly procedure with such a great sense of humor, by the way.

Double Kudos to you!!!

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