Saturday, August 16, 2008

Being Dogged

Penny looks so innocent. Eyes closed and smiling. Notice the severed dolls head in the background...

Macabre scene. Penny loves the head and the body has been cast aside.

Tired of the doll, she decides to attack Belle. That seems to be her passion lately.

Poor Belle. She is extremely tolerant of that darn pup...

Will somebody save me ?


Steve Ballmer said...

I like what you people are doing here, keep it up!

You are using Microsoft Vista, right?

Amy Tate said...

Oh how adorable! A day in the life of a dog must be rough. You need to see that movie Homeward Bound. You'll get a kick out of it!

Amy Hanek said...

Ohhhhh... they are so cute!!!

Becky Mushko said...

If Belle wants to run away, send her over here!

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