Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks

The day begins with breakfast, and then running the dogs. Belle blends beautifully with the leaves, and the creek is running with all the rain we have had.But today is sunny and the mercury is creeping up to the mid 60's. Perfect.

Hard to believe that I still have flowers on Thanksgiving day. This is a winter blooming Camellia

and it is loaded with honey bees.
The roses have such pretty new trim or not to trim...

We headed to the Lake, Smith Mountain Lake, to our friends Ruth and Bob Eaken. They were instrumental in our coming here in the first place, as they are also Keys residents. They have a lovely place right on the water, and the day was picture perfect and so was the food. We were joined by Candy and Tony LaPerna, some other lake friends and long time friends of the Eakens.

Candy broke her foot, and has been hobbling about on cast and crutches, so Ruth opted to host although technically it was Candy's year.

Some Lake 'effects' from the back porch of the Eaken's.

The loons made their appearance and a few fish leaped out and gave the fisherman the raspberry.

You can tell the shadows are long, and the winter sun is low and thick.

The little titmice are quite tame and weren't put off by my presence.

The living room has this awesome view framed by a bank of windows from peak to floor.

The weeping willow holds its golden leaves.

Last minute warming, wine and early Christmas gifts..Candy rests her wounded paw.

Annie, the Eaken's yellow Lab, loved the attention and the company and showed off her toy. Shes very well mannered and a real social girl.


Thank you Ruth and Bob, and Candy and Tony for a lovely Thanksgiving !

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