Sunday, November 6, 2011

No Mow

Today Bob mowed for about 5 hours to get the grass laid down for winter. We hope... Not for winter, but for the end of mowing, which is endless!
Caine will be coming to visit this weekend, and although he does love the tractor, he isn't much help with mowing. Its too hard to hold him and mow. He will pick up sticks with Pop-Pop and make more rabbitat..(habitat for the rabbits)
He really loves his tv shows, and thats always a good thing for Grandma, because I'm pooped after a week in Kindergarten, and now with Kris in a wheel chair, things are 3 times harder, and I'm getting older daily!

What we need is Adam, our

great-nephew. He loves to mow and he's old enough now to do it by himself! Actually he has his own business up in Massachusetts, called,"Adam's Lawn Enforcement...In pursuit of keeping your Lawn in Line."

His Great -Grandfather would have been particularly proud of him...I know I am.

But that will have to wait til spring when Adam gets to come visit Auntie and Uncle, and run the 4-wheelers and the tractor. I think Bob will save a few weeks mowing for him when he comes.

Right now I know Bobs' hoping to ,

Mow no mow!!!

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I never know what's worse--all the mowing and weeding in the warm months or the wood getting in the cold months. Seems I'm always wishing for something to end and something else to start.

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