Sunday, January 1, 2012

Parking lot eggs

It is now 2012.
We are back from our Christmas in the Keys, and I am happy to come home and so are the dogs. Bob would rather be in the Keys IF the winds would stay down so he could fish! I love the Keys, love my wonderful friends and the fast paced life and get together's that are almost daily. People in the Keys are living life to the fullest, and although I do love that, I have to say I missed my nest. Lonny is our good friend who graciously allowed us and the dogs to feel very comfortable and at home in his cozy Big Pine Key house that has an awesome view of the Key Deer refuge and a canal in the back yard.Thank you so much Lon.
The water and sky seem bluer( is that a word?) in the Keys...

Belle rode very well, but was awfully nosy, and although the wind would make her head-out-the-window time short, she was frequently testing the air for familiar scents.

Penny sleeps very nicely in the truck. She is a great rider...just feed her and give her water and a walk occasionally, and shes a happy pup.

The scenery is so different that I have to keep books for me, I might miss something like this bougainvillea pretty !

Bahia Honda State Park is so beautiful and picturesque, we always take the time to go there and this time it was only once. We were married at the beach there in, time flies.

The winds blew the whole time we were there, about 15-25 knots, enough to keep a small craft warning up and keep Bob from going out in the boat to fish. This hawk was on a speed limit sign, facing the 15 knot winds. Seemed appropriate to me.

I did get to the pool almost every day for water aerobics with my friends, here's Diane our illustrious leader setting up the boom box to get started. The pool water was 87 degrees.

The beach was very busy,as is normal for what the locals call 'hell week' due to the traffic and over crowded hotels,restaurants and areas like this beach at Bahia Honda. Even with the jelly fish alert, people crowded the sand and beach houses.

Our friend Jim and his lady Carol are cooking up Christmas night snacks and dinner.Jim was our best man at our wedding and was Bob's partner in tile in the Keys early on. Still good friends .

We played our first Bacchi games at friends Linda and Glenn Cummins on Big Pine. They have a get together every Thursday for Bacchi, food and drinks. Here is Bob(R) and Jim middle and one of the Bacchi crew.

Here's Glenn on his usual perch at his bar under their stilt house. Notice the sign in back of him? Full-fledged BAH...yes they are transplanted Yankees!

This is Lonny alias Santa Lon taken on the Conch Train tour of the Christmas lights in Key West.Us Northerners think Christmas would be dull and spiritless in the Keys, but the absolute opposite is the truth.

We arrived home on Friday afternoon, and started the opening of mail, and the usual stuff going along with any vacation return. We were hungry for dinner, but lacked the energy to do anything, so our neighbors Melissa and daughter Sam joined us for a quick dinner at Carl's, a local spot, and then we stopped at the little market for eggs, bread and we were out of... Now on the way home at various stops, we found 3 cents and a dime and I found a silver fairy charm, smooshed from a tire, but still cute. I took it all as lucky signs, after all we needed money and luck is always helpful when traveling.I figured the fairy would help us get what we need, and sure the local market after buying our bread, milk and a dozen eggs, we stopped in the parking lot to keep from hitting a grocery bag like the one we just got our groceries in. Bob stopped and picked it up and guess what it held. A dozen eggs! We weren't sure if they were whole or not, although the egg box seemed pretty good, and when we got home, I salvaged 10 of those large brown fresh eggs, and put them up for tomorrows breakfast. The fairy was working.

At home on New Years Day after a great evening at the neighbors playing games, polka for the guys, dominoes(Mexican train style) for others, I awoke to sunshine and 50+ degrees, Guinea fowl in the yard as well as bees working the Camellia tree!

A dandelion is blooming!

Then I noticed that there are clumps of daffodils exploding from the ground everywhere!

Are you sure it's the first of January???

This bottle tree of mine is going to grow in 2012.

It's going to be a great New Year. I am an optimist. I haven't made New Years resolutions, I have decided on actions for 2012. I plan to exercise more and eat healthy which should result in weight loss, that will ease the pain I have in my back, hips, and knees.

I will hug more people and tell them how much I love them.(is that possible? I am a hugger)

I will reward myself with simple pleasures, and love my wonderful husband more.

I will make more time for my grandson, and the kids and my family and friends. I will be gentler with my little guy at school, and be positive in all my actions with the kids, letting them know how great they are.

In 2012 I wish for all my family, co-workers and friends.....

Parking Lot Eggs!

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