Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bright and Sunny

Tomorrow is November 1st, which makes this Halloween...the folliage here is hanging on, although the colors are nowhere near what New England has. Below is a picture of Merry Meeting lake in New Durham N.H. , framed in sugar maples.

Below is a picture I took on the Parkway last weekend, pretty and the sky was that azure blue I remember from the North.There is still quite a bit of green, but today that color is draining away fast. Bob and I just ran the dogs, and it is 70 degrees, sunny and very bright, but that winter sun is starting to thicken, and look more like butterscotch than the summer dazzling white heat. The woods were soft and fragrant with all the downed leaves, and the visibility in the woods is better daily. Today there were several nuthatches playing in the trees. Bob had just come back from getting the tank filled with gas that serves the fireplace, and I have moved my computer to my desk in the fireplce room anticipating a nice warm fire while I play on my computer. The room it was in gets quite cold, which suits Bob well while he watches tv. Now he can turn up the sound, and I won't have to use ear-phones trying not to hear the terrible noises that come from the movies he likes to watch. You know, the ones filled with sounds of moans and beatings and sirens and screams. I hate those movies, but he eats 'em up, so my love....have at it ! Iris will be stretched on the rug near the fire and I will be near enough to feel its warmth.

Here is a picture of the darlings in our classroom, that take up my life now.

They are holding up a picture of my friend, Brian Duffy, who is an astronaut. So nice of him to send these for the kids, they were tickled..
Life is very different now that I am back to work full time. The weekends are packed with all I can stuff into and laundry and shopping and such. Saturday Bob and I went to breakfast, then shopped around in Martinsville...Goodwill, the JC Penney outlet, Walmart and a shoe store to get Bob some much needed sneaks.
Saturday night I tackled my closet, getting out the summer and putting in the winter, started laundry and we made a trash run. Today I vacumned and moved the computer, washed some throw rugs and got all my plants in and cut back and hung around various spots. Bob has been busy mowing and fixing things for me..( the honey-do list).
Now its dinner and then clean-up, getting clothes and lunches ready for tomorrow.
A fresh start for a new month..
We are invited to friends Ruth and Bob Eaken at the lake for Thanksgiving, and I think Bob's Mom will come for the week as she usually does. Bob's brother is at loose ends again, and may show up as well.
The kids are due here for a long weekend of the 12th, but they may be moving back in this area, so thats not a given...
The weeks fly by when you work a schedule all week long, and it is getting a rythmn worked out so the machine runs smoothly. As soon as you think that is accomplished, something happens to throw it all off!
There's one bright spot coming up...elections will be done and the ads and phone calls will stop !!!
Now that's a sunny thought !!


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I know exactly what you mean Claudia, with the noise from the TV! Right now he's watching one of those CSI shows and I had to stop writing. I find myself looking up and watching them too even though I hate them!

Aw, your school kids are so cute. I'm sure you're great at it and they adore you!

claudia said...

They are cute and hilarious sometimes ! I find I have to turn away to keep from laughing at them..(little hurt feelings)..

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