Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Promise

Can they get any fatter ? My minis look like furry kegs with legs ! They are eagerly awaiting the re-fencing of the greener pasture, the last of the fields.

November is a funny month here in Southern Virginia. Some things are still in bloom, and some are just starting to bloom, like this winter camelia. The flowers remind me of wild roses.

This giant sunflower made it through last nights frost, it was 25 on the porch this morning, but the sun warmed quickly and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue.

This is a picture of the new power lines that are running near our property. This view is from West Vaco looking toward Penhook. It is amazing how quickly the cut went through. No lines are visible yet.

The creek is low now, and some spots looks like a stream of leaves. This big Beech is hanging on to the ever decreasing bank. Each spring the creek swells up and debrie tears down the bank and washes away the soil that the trees hold to. Every year another big tree lays down its fight for footing. I'm afraid this guy isn't too long for the upright world.

November and all the Fall months are the best for me. Some say its morbid, everything is dying. I say its a preparation for life. The leaves come down and supply the soil with cover and food. The flowers die off leaving seeds for the animals and beginnings for new growth in the Spring. The snow will blanket and provide for a rich new start.
I love fall, it's colorful and it smells earthy and rich, and it has promise for a new beginning.
How can promise be morbid ?

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Do those little fatties really need the green pasture? lol

It's true. Fall is odd around here. I was thinking the same thing, how flowers are still blooming. Which season is the prettiest? Hard to say because they're all so pretty here.

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