Monday, August 2, 2010

Thankful for...

Belle should be a rat dog, or rather a 'mole' dog. She sneaks up into a pile of leaves where nothing is visible to me, and starts digging, tearing at roots and burying her whole snout into the ground.Sometimes you cannot see her head at all !

Since we have had a little rain the pond is back up. Belle is sticking her tongue out at me. The pond lily that Jan gave me has bloomed at the side, but I can't get a picture of it because of the high weeds surrounding it. As the lily's spread out, they will be more visible. Meanwhile, the girls are enjoying their little swim hole again.

This is Bob's "dog", Quarrie. He waits at the back porch for Bob to come home every day. The routine carry in to the food dish can happen each time Bob re-enters the sliding door, no matter how often it is, Quarrie expects to be carried in. He just lays in Bobs hand, so trusting.Funny critters.

Here's my guy when he's not 'working'. He is putting in a new faucet for me...actually the one that was at my brothers house. Jan got a new sink and faucet to match, so this one was hardly used. Finally a faucet I can get a pot under ! And, the sprayer works ! Yippee ! He also fixed my vacumn today and is up Clay and Jans painting. That's what he does when he's not 'working'. You just gotta love a guy that can do things...

And here's my new old sink ! The plus is I had to clear out the under cabinet so he could work on it...( get into it). So newish sink and clean and organized under-sink!

...everyday theres something to be thankful for...Thanks, honey!

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