Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where has summer gone?

It's been a month since I last blogged.
Seems any extra time at the end of my long summer day has been spent job searching and all that it entails. It used to be really easy to apply for work. Now that all is done online, it seems much more difficult to me! Meanwhile, the garden keeps spewing forth its bounty...
These are the last of the peaches, and I had to fight the deer for them!

Tomatos are coming fast,but I've found a new way to deal with so many at once. Wash them,core them and freeze them whole with skin on by placing on a cookie sheet in the freezer ! When frozen, put them in freezer bags...when ready to use, you can run them under warm water and the skin will come off easily...of course then you must cook them, but it saves work up front !

Bob loves the yellow tomatos and eats them up before I need to can or freeze them..

To date..( I just did 4 more quarts and a pint today)...I have pickled 27 quarts and 6 pints of pickles, mostly sweet, but some polish dills, and the cucumbers are still going strong! I think it may be due to the new fertilizer I have found...Epsom Salts ! yes, thats what I said.try it!

Bob hasn't had to cut the grass very often due to the incredible heat and drought we have had for this whole month, so he has been getting to the creek and bringing back large stones for stepping. He also has had work (thank you lord!), but naturally it is porches! Figures with the sun and heat he'd be working outdoors! But, its work!
Tomorrow I continue on my journey to find a job, and that alone has taken up a considerable amount of time doing resumes and putting in applications. I had to have a TB test, be fingerprinted and a background check done, just to have my application for substitute teaching put in for Franklin County schools...
I do have an interview tomorrow at Head Start. I will let you all know the outcome.
Somehow the days are flying by me and August is at hand. I'm praying for some rain and cooler temperatures. Hard to believe the kids go back to school August 18th...
Where has summer gone?

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Kas said...

Good luck Claudia, I am sure the children will be grateful for someone like you. The bounty from the garden is impressive.

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