Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer dirt brings bounty and baths


I am missing Caine, now that I have recovered from chasing after him. He's such a love, so happy. He would sit with me on the porch for coffee in the morning. Okay, he didn't stay long and I had to chase after him before he got in his pool , or the dirt.. or both in that order! I would at least get him dressed before he started the dirt thing...

Playing in the dirt with his toys and cars... his favorite..such a boy !
I saw this pay phone on our road/fishing trip to Floyd today. I took a picture of it, because I haven't seen one in ages! They are still out there !

Penny had a side swim in the pond...side swim because she can 'touch' bottom on the sides..

Belle prefers the full immersion.

The lily pads are multiplying, but no flowers yet! I think last count was ten pads.. in the picture , middle-ish to the left side near the fluffy green reeds...

The summer is in full swing,its so hot and humid, although it really isn't summer officially..and the veggies are really starting to come fast!

I know what I will be doing in a few short weeks....Canning !!!! Tomatos galore!
We really need to get a freezer soon! Can't wait for the first tomato sandwich! The cucumbers are great, so crisp and fresh....
love the garden bounty!



Kas said...

Claudia your garden is looking fabulous.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You are such a good grandma. Or nana. What does he call you?

I know, summer is finally here. And it appears it's going to be as hot as winter was cold!

Amy Tate said...

Oh my goodness! Look how much he's grown. My my what a good looking young man!

Claudia Condiff said...

Thanks Kas !Looking forward to the peaches...almost ripe now..
Debi, He calls me Grandma, and Bob is Pop-pop...I just want him to appreciate the out-of-doors, too much tv and video is bad for kids I believe...
Amy, he's growing too quick, as they all do ! Look how big your 2 are...are they in College yet? (seems it, anyway !)

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