Friday, April 16, 2010

Family and old friends


I am back from my trip north.
For some reason, the blogsite won't allow me to upload pictures of the trip.
I really enjoyed seeing my old highschool friends, we seemed to take up just where we left off.
Kind of unnerving actually.I really hope I will see them again before so many years go by.

Seeing family is always a joy for me !
I returned home by car with my sister-in-law and their dog Jiggs, and found Bobs Mom and her cat already here.Sunday my nephew John, his wife Keri and son Adam will arrive in their big 5th wheel toy hauler for a visit...Adam loves to ride his 4-wheeler here...child after my own heart. This was last years visit..
Uncle Bob will let him drive the tractor and cut some grass for him...he loves that too.

I can't thank all my wonderful family and friends enough for the love they showed me on my visit. You all know how much you mean to me...

much love, always..

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Amy Tate said...

So glad you had a great trip, and I'm happy your home safe and sound. I miss ya!

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