Thursday, April 29, 2010

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The visit from my nephew and his family was so short and packed full of fun. Adam, my grand-nephew, is such a good kid and he loves being here with us. We always look forward to his Spring break, and his 'birthday' visit. He's nine now and I wonder how long his joy for visiting with his old Auntie and Uncle will last...for now, though, I will savor the time together.

"Adam's dam...still standing by the way.."

Running through the mud on one of the trips to West VaCo was a thrill for Adam. He is getting quite good on his 4 wheeler, and is saving money to buy a bigger machine ! Such a boy...

"Dad lending a push through the mud.."

Wheels off the ground as he pops out of a small creek...This is not his Mom's favorite picture I am sure..but she is trying her best not to be too 'motherly' with him!

This is our neighbor Sam in her go cart, which she added a cover it looked alot like a 'Flintstone mobile'. She took Adam for a ride, and he did his best to keep his leg from touching hers...that will change as he grows up! Jigg's, his Grandparents dog, is checking out the ride.

They left here last Friday, and had good weather to return home by. Adam was very sad, as was his Grandma Jan, and I ..all my critters miss his attention, and I miss my helper.
Looking forward to next years visit!
To all my blogger friends, Kaz, Amy, Becky, Di, Debi(by the way Debi, my condolences on the loss of your Mom) and those not mentioned, I have missed reading your blogs and missed sharing my life, and now have my independence back and promise to do a weekly least.!

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

He will love coming forever. When he's a young man, he may bring a young woman with him. Or he will hurry down so he can take Sam out for a proper ride in a real car. Some day he will come with HIS kids. I live on a farm because my aunt (actually my mother's best friend) took me to her sister's farm in upstate New York when I was about your nephew's age and it changed my life.

Thanks for the condolences.

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