Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On a clear day

There is mass clearing here on our land, that will ultimately end in a re-planting of Loblolly Pine.

I wonder about the violet color in this first photo.
If we were talking about the color of aura's in humans, 'violet is aligned with the psychic, emotional, and spiritual balance in operation on the planet at this time. Violets are the ones who can see the plants of tomorrow in the seeds of today.' 'The single most difficult thing for a Violet to do is to learn to live without guilt.'
The secret is to focus on the vision of the future. I am trying. I feel guilty about the turtles and the rabbits and the coons, etc., etc.

The path leading from the back of our house, is getting shorter. We will be able to see clear through to the mountains beyond the neighbors land. Which also means we will see our neighbors land.

Our little pond is so exposed. This knoll was a pine forest, very thick. It was Virginia pine.

This is just above our house at the base of the hay field in front of the wood barn.
They had to put in a crushed rock drive so the trucks wouldn't get stuck.
I can't tell you how many rocks we have taken OUT of the fields.
Now they are putting rock IN.

So, why do this?
Several reasons. 53 acres. taxes are huge, but we will receive a break for being a tree farm.
So money, the root of all evil?
We had a forester come in before we decided, and he did a complete workup, a whole portfolio on our land, and what the benefits of cutting the Virginia pine off and replanting Loblolly was. It was impressive, and made alot of sense, financially, and for the animals such as turkey and deer and bear, etc. The virginia pine is susceptible to a type of insect that Loblolly is not, and the time it takes before re-harvest, if we choose, is only 15 years. We are leaving some stands around our house, and down by the creek, that are mostly hardwoods, and also areas around the 'seasonal creeks' that run through to the main creek. We don't want to disturb anything that is near the waters.
So I know that we are doing the right thing for all reasons, but I HATE cutting trees.
I am really into natural areas, but I am told that is not always the best thing for the critters and the land.
Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.


JANET said...

Claudia, I know you have explained this to us many times but I still find it rather scary. Now the tree's that they are removing could cause all tree's to get bugs and even beetles in them making everything go bad. So In 15 years a new batch of trees will come up making your property look even nicer. Still scarey!! But I can get over almost anything,

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Speaking of violets, and being a poet, you might like this quote:

"Forgiveness is the scent of the violet on the heel that crushed it."--unknown.

Anyway, we have to do Land Use too. But I have a little horse operation going. My county is making us wait three years until we can apply. Can you apply right away?

I know what you mean about cutting trees. I can't stand when we cut even one to burn for heat. I feel so guilty.

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