Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lack of Blog


Pooped Puppy

Haven't had a chance to blog!!!
My older brother, his wife, their grandson and golden reteiver 'Missy', arrived June 21st..and with company, the puppy and the usual time involved taking care of 5 horses, 5 cats, one husband and one needy Aussie,I flop in bed at night barely getting daily routine done!
Okay, so I don't get housework done, I admit.
However we are having fun!
I took time out to visit my grandson one day, and also to bring Mr. Sambuccino and Becky Mushko and myself to a meeting at the Moneta Library, where Mr. Sambuccino gave a talk on literary agents and writing in general. Please see Becky 's blog;

My neice Kate flew in from Boston on the June 27th and her stay was 10 days..This house is overflowing with love!
During her stay, she, my sister-in-law and I took a trip down the Parkway to Chateau Morrisette Winery, and took the tour and had a lovely 'ladies lunch'.I hadn't visited it prior to this, but would reccomend it highly!

Friday July 4th, we had a cookout for 40 people at my neighbors..We had 9 4-wheelers that ran on and off throughout the day and night! We rode over to the Pigg River around night ride!

Saturday the 5th, we went to friends at the Lake over past the State Park on the Bedford side and had another cookout and watched fireworks. We arrived home around midnight to find my brothers 10yr old golden retreiver, who had been sequestered in the guest room, had freaked out and chewed the door molding off the wall, and had 'an accident' which she stepped in and tracked about!
My puppy and 2yr old Aussie Belle, had had their accidents on the living room rug, and destroyed a few stuffed animals, plus the puppy loves to take a bath in the water dish, which she did, and then chewed up!

Sunday, all the crew from the Lake(2 children,6 adults and 2 dogs) plus my daughter, husband and my grandson and their dog, came here for some 4-wheelin fun and a cookout. The 6 dogs did really well with much changing of rooms and kennels, everyone had a blast running in the mud!
I have sadly been neglecting my camera, and I have missed some truely great photo opportunities...with the mud and the dogs and the friends I don't see often. I also haven't been capturing the darling antics of this puppy and Belle. Penny now runs most of the daily route through the woods with Belle, but she does ride back on the 4-wheeler with me. She had her second round at the vets, and was 3 pounds heavier than her sister, who my neighbor has.She also has taken to swimming in the small pond with Belle and in the creek. She loves her small plastic pool, and with her snout under water, she runs in circles! Maybe thats why she tries to swim in her water bowls!

Forgive me for the lack of pictures. The second one is Penny pooped out on my porch and the first is one of the glorious rainbows that have followed our frequent thunderstorms of late..( not complaining the rain.)

(Did I mention that Belle is terrified of thunder and lightening?)

Blogging has taken a back seat..
Family and critters have come first..
The end of July will find this house back to normal..
Whatever that is!


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Amy Tate said...

Whew! I got tired just reading it. If you ever figure out what normal is, would you let me know?
See you tomorrow at the meeting!

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