Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lack of blogs

This is Sam and Izzy..

I just haven't been good about blogging and reading all my friends blogs. Sorry about that. Life seems to get in the way sometimes. Bob had to go south to work and that left me to fend for myself and all the furry critters, and do my full time job as a paraprofessional, a word I am having a tough time getting used to. I am what I would have called a Teachers assistant a while back...but I actually work one on one with a handicapped child plus work with a class of Kindergarten kids. At any rate, this old Gal gets pretty pooped out, and I like to sit and play mindless computer games as a release. Mind numbing. I like it. So , lack of blogs.

We finally got a few days of rain, so our grass is greening up, and softening. It was crunchy. But, that means now we have to mow. Ya just can't win....The creek is up enough so the girls can get wet in several spots, so they are very happy again.

Bob and I are settling back into the work week/weekend routine, so this evening we loaded up the pickup with the trash in the bed of it, and the dogs in the back seat and rode to the trash dumpsters and then had a DQ, and took the'scenic' route home..(back roads) amounts to about a 5 -8 mile journey, and we counted 23 deer enroute. I just love that! Deer hunting with only our eyes !

Our neighbors went to Hillsville last weekend, but Bob was expected home and I really had no desire to drive down to where they camped (about 1 1/2 hours one way) so I watered and fed their critters along with mine and stayed home for the Labor Day weekend. When they returned their little girl, whos growing up quick, stopped by to get their mail I had collected for them. There's a couple of pictures of her in her get-up in the start of this blog..She's redneck to the bone... with her ever-present-dog...Izzy.I didn't get the picture of how she came down to get the mail dressed like this. She drove her bicycle, with a childs seat ( a real childs seat) the type that is set behind the bicycle seat above the back wheel... and strapped into it , safety harness and all was Izzy, her little dog...That dog lets Sam do anything to her...she even rides on her pony with Sam. Too much !

She is a hoot!

I will try to be better and blog a little more, and check in on all my blog friends who are so creative and well written...I've been missing hearing from all of you!


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Oh, I would have loved to see a picture of her on the bike with the dog strapped on!

Claudia Condiff said...

She is a character! Wish I'd thought to get it!

Sally Roseveare said...

I've been too busy to blog, too, Claudia. I'll try to do better also.

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