Thursday, August 4, 2011

Visiting New England

The trip North started with Clay and Jan, and jumped around from there. Stayed in Massachusetts, NH and Maine visiting friends and family...I wish I had more time to spend with each one of them, but at least I did get to see them this year.

Mom and I at Wolfboro Bay in N.H., where she lives now.

Mom loved Kim's little poodle Roxie, who is also quite elderly. They hit it off!

My nephew and godson Matt is holding his youngst son,Remington. He's a pistol..(punny)

Mark (baby brother), nephew Matt and niece Katie are tubbing it with an adult libation...good time.

Brother John and sis-in-law Bette's pool with Kate's guy Rob ( back of head), Kate with green bottle, Bette with bottle, Laura(Matts wife) and papa John in background with Remington...Kate and Rob's dog 'Clifford' stalks a floating ball..

John and his favorite blonde(his dog Missy)..

Mom loved the large family visit, and Remington kept her entertained..

Matt's son Luke( with cap) has gotten so tall! Going left is John,Clay,Mom,Matt and Jan's legs and arms..

Another pool day is with Adam, my grandnephew in front,left is Emily and in the green tube her twin Ryan(grand niece and nephews), and cousins in their pool.

While staying with John, Keri and Adam some ferral cats took up residence on their's the Mom nursing one of her brood.

Back with the twins..

This is Ryan Bemis, my grand nephew. His twin Emily , his Mom Donna and I all went to a state park in Stoughton Mass...hiking and enjoying the day.

Here's a rare shot of Donna and the twins..Donna is the photographer and she is usually taking the pictures!!

Back in NH, we took a little time(brother Mark, sis-in-law Michelle and I) to swim in W. Alton at the town beach.. The Mount Washington cruised by..

Brother Clay and I before getting ready to go see Mom again...

Back at the Moore Farm in Alton, some of the 'ladies' are dining in...

Looking down..

Took a 4-wheel ride up top of the Moore farm with Kim's boyfriend Harry and his grandson, Hayden. This is looking down on Kim's place and the farm.

I'm jumping around picture wise..this is Beaver Falls in Colebrook NH, taken while visiting Elsie and Fred with Mark's wife Michelle.

This is Elsie and her hubby Fred, who still enjoy each other after 53 years of marriage! They are playing the 'Wii", bowling which they do every morning and evening to keep active..not bad for 83 and 81 years young!!

Here's Elsie and I...we are old hunting and fishing buddies...

This is the White Mts. in NH, taken on the way up to Colebrook NH with Michelle.

Another visit day with family and Kate sits with Mom..she sang to her, and the other 'inmates' as Mom calls them. Mom's still a hoot..

This is my niece Alanna, taken at Clay and Jan's house in Bridgewater Mass.

Here's Jans birthday present ! A gator to bring down to their Virginia house!!

Here are my niece Alyssa and her friend Mandy with Mandy's Dad teaching them to dive in the pool...The tanks were so big and heavy, Alyssa fell right over !

Two divers...on the steps..they had a blast!

Mandy's Dad and Grandma Jan watch intently as the two swim around like minnows...

I had a great visit..spent time with Kim( no pictures of her or my friend Sandy whom I spent an overnight with, nor Brian,nor John and Keri, or Heather! DUH..)

Saw most of my family and some friends and enjoyed the summer weather in NH, Maine and Massachusetts.

I hope I can do it again soon, but this time I wish my hubby could go as well..

missed him alot.


Franz X Beisser said...

Good old times. Don't let go!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Go Elsie and Fred! Loved that!

Looks like you had a great time Claudia. You have a lovely family.

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