Friday, May 14, 2010

Coy Dog citing

Today my neighbor and writer friend, Becky, picked me up for the bi-monthly Lake Writers meeting. While traveling down my road we spotted what appeared to be a coyote or a coy dog. The animal was trotting quickly through a neighboring field where cows and their young graze.
It was a fast sighting, but we were both certain what we saw was either a black coyote or a coy dog. I went to the internet and Googled coyote.
Below is one image of a coyote that looked exactly like the animal we saw earlier, except that the one we saw was black.

After Googling 'coy dog' there were several images of different colored animals with varying sizes, but most had the distinct coyote look. Below is a similar likeness of the black coy dog we saw , but this coy dog has been killed. Actually there weren't any images of live coy dog. Evidentally they are a menace and are hunted down.

That would explain the nervous look on the animal we saw...

I feel lucky to have seen it, and then again, I hope it stays away from my cats, dogs and mini horses !



Amy Tate said...

No doubt! They can be dangerous. Check out my blog and my new baby!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

It's always exciting to see the wild life.

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