Thursday, March 4, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Caine is a rider..he loves to ride his pony "Tex". He gets a little exuberant and after hitting his little face on "tex's " plastic mane, Grandma got out the padding and duct tape and fixed that problem! Behind Caine is my old english saddle, sitting atop an antique washing machine. The only way that will ever be used by me again is if I put it on "Tex".

The cats are quite happy to stay indoors during these cold months. This is 'Iris', our one-eyed cat. Her preference is napping on this sheepskin rug in the 3rd bedroom..

'Moochie' has taken over Emily's heated 'muffin' bed. Emily has passed on to the big heated muffin in the sky, and for a long while, no cats would use it. Now Mooch and Beau take turns.

'Quarrie' prefers to nap close to people. He likes the back of chairs especially when someone is in the chair. He really likes Mom's chair, and he drapes himself over so his feet touch Mom's head, and then he kneads her hair.

I have been a house bound person this year, really for the first time in a long while as previous years here were not so winterish, and I had lived in the Florida Keys for 14 years prior. Not liking this resemblence to my youth in New England. I like postcard snow. Here today...oh so pretty, ...spring tomorrow please...Not this year!
Its coming, Its coming,Its coming...and today I hung my quilt to the fresh air and my sheets washed and dryed on the line. Can't wait for snuggling down into fresh aired bedding....
makes long nights so comfy.....


Kas said...

I love how that cat kneads your mums head.

Claudia Condiff said...

Kas, he almost smiles while he does Mom is 86...she sits so still so he's not disturbed....too funny!

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