Saturday, March 17, 2012

The wearing of the "green"

Happy St. Patricks Day!!! Belle is all smiles.
The earth is wearing green...and pink and purple and yellow...Can you see why we are called the Blue Ridge Mountains?

We visited the mini's today, so good to see them all fat and happy!This is their new home and some of their new friends.

Endeavor, aka 'Norman', is here with Skye,aka 'Lucy'. The background shows the big barn and the Lorton's pretty home.

Apple cookies make your tongue flop out of your mouth...

I am remembered ! (ok, maybe its the cookies.)

We drove the back way home and stopped on Ramsey Memorial Rd. in Penhook to take this pastoral shot of a pony lying down. I covet these fences....

On this same road, we stopped to watch the new lambs. The one alone on the right was crying pitifully, so Bob cryed back and it started heading for our truck! Then Mom emerged from the rusted back side of the farm implement...

The road sides are so pretty in their purple fringe. Red bud trees are one of my favorites.

Forsythia is another favorite of mine, especially when it is allowed to grow naturally.

With this nice weather, we spend more time on the porch, as you can see we play cribbage outside in good weather, and the girls are having some cheese. They miss their "uncle Cookie".

Mac is awaiting anything in the food family during a break from birdie hunting under the weeping cherry.

Can you spot the bees? Click on the picture to enlarge it...

Springtime in the Blue Ridge is very colorful and sweet smelling, except for the beautiful Bradford Pear trees that look like big white gumdrops. Who knew they would smell like dead fish!


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

So happy you got your minis a good home. Very lucky since homes are in short supply nowadays. But those minis are so cute, no wonder.

I don't remember my Bradford pears in Oklahoma smelling like anything! I had about a dozen of them, lining the driveway. I'm hoping I have some old timey lilacs here at the new place.

Uncle Cookie said...

Things are a lot more dreary and colorless up here in leashville. Looking forward to joining you on the porch as soon as we can.

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