Friday, October 7, 2011

In the shadows

This morning I arose early, for whatever reason. Probably because Bob is off fishing, and I am home alone, or maybe because I am still sick. I let the dogs out the back way and walked across the back deck to check on Belle and make sure she didn't 'chase' the horses. She just followed Penny towards the fruit trees out back to do her business, and as my eyes adjusted to the early light I saw my horses lying together under their favorite cedar tree. I looked up toward the rising light and saw the shadowy figure of a deer. They are hard to spot in the shadows, and they know they are. This deer just watched me, and didn't seem put off by the dogs or my presence. In a bit it bent its head to eat more of the sunflower seed that are dropped by birds shaking the feeders. I wished once more that I had a camera capable of taking those type of pictures, but since I don't, I went to the Internet to find something comparable to show just how lovely it was, but nothing compared. I did find these photos, and thought they might be of interest to some readers..
This first one was captured on a wildlife camera at about 1 am, according to the person who posted it. What is hard to explain is the child's image in the photo...
Do you believe in... shadows?

This image is so typical of this area and reminds me of what I see almost daily, although this one was clearly shot in Autumn, if you changed the foliage to the different seasons, I see them all.

This is what you see if you have 'Critter eyes'...that's what I have...I see deer and turkey and coyotes in bits and pieces through the woods and grasses. It's a big asset for hunters to be able to see animals like that, but I don't want to shoot them, except with a camera..

As the sun comes up or goes down, the deer will head to the hollows and then the woods for cover. Bob and I have ridden through our trails with the dogs running ahead of us, and we have seen deer lying down or standing just a few feet from where we pass by. The trick is being able to spot them. They will stay if they are secure in the shadows, knowing that they are hidden, not seen by the intruders.

We all hide in the shadows, watching the world and hoping the intruders will pass on by. My cousin Laura passed away last week. She had cancer. She was only 68. She was a wife/mother/friend and writer. There are so many who will miss her, and think of her as I did this morning while watching that graceful deer in the morning shadows.

But remember, there are also dangers hiding in the shadows. Cancers hide in shadows. Belle,my Aussie dog had a tumor removed last week. The vet called and said it was not malignant.Quarrie,our big grey cat-who-thinks-he's-a-dog,had a tooth removed and the swelling was questionable. It's gone, and he seems fine.


I have a breast exam every year, and I am overdue for one. Today I will make the appointment for my mammogram, and hope that the shadowy images will hide no cancer.

Are you in the clear?


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I can't get a mammogram. No sense to, even though you can find them cheap or even free. No health insurance. What if they find something? Can't get it treated so what's the point? Oh yeah, I can go to the emergency room for care like George Bush said! Ha!

claudia said...

Oh Deb, please get a mammogram, at least by next year,especially if you have a history on both family sides...the point is to find it early...
at the VERY least do self exams...

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

But Claudia, you really can't get treated if you don't have insurance. When Kurt had the kidney stones last month, ONE ultrasound cost us $1300. Just the one five minute test. All I can do is pray the Republicans don't stop Affordable Health Care. And now I won't be able to get my pap tests anymore either since they're trying to close down Planned Parenthood. I've been going to PP for 30 years.

I do do exams. And there's no breast cancer any where in my family. Knock wood.

Thanks for the love.

CountryDew said...

What an excellent post. Thank you so much for sharing those thoughts. The shadows do sometimes seem to creep up on you and get you. It can really rock your world when it happens. As I know since I'm going through a very weird shadow something myself (not cancer, thankfully, but definitely not a good thing).

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