Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Key's backcountry

I have posted some of these pictures on facebook, but for those who do not do facebook, I will put them here. This was taken from No Name Bridge. Talk about sunsets, there are none I have seen like these.

Lonny took us out snorkeling in the Content Keys in the Gulf of Mexico, which is just one side of the bridge on US 1....the other side would be the Atlantic ocean. Bob and Lonny don't enjoy just floating along looking at the bottom. There has to be a purpose...hence the spear gun.

This is a heron, I think a green heron, standing in the shallows of Bahai Honda State Park. I love that can walk for miles it seems, and not go ovr your head.

I also love it because that's where Bob and I got married..right here at the campfire circle after a day of snorkling and a cookout...then the partying began. Great wedding.

You should visit the Keys at some point in your life and if you do, be sure to slide off US 1, and see the State Parks(John Pennekamp in the upper keys, and Bahai Honda lower) as well as the beautiful spots hidden back off the main road. Explore. You'll be glad you did!

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