Monday, June 27, 2011

Keys Critters

Keys critters are not all 'furry'. I have so many pictures and less time to blog, but I thought I would start this set of blogs with a few pictures of some of what I saw while back 'home' in the Florida Keys.

To the left is a white crane, this taken on a bridge in Bahia Honda State Park.

This is a very common sight in the Big Pine area, it's an iguana, and they get really huge, 4 or 5 feet but this guy is little. They swim and climb trees and the hot weather is perfect for them.

The Key deer are also common on Big Pine, and they are tiny. This one was grazing on scrubby plants and grass at the Blue Hole, and that is where the alligator is..its a fresh water hole that attracts the deer and lots of birds and yes, gators.

This doe was resting in the mangroves in my friends back yard. They are very friendly and have no fear of humans, which causes a problem, because everyone wants to feed them and that isn't a good idea for the deer in that it keeps them staying in one spot,defecating and reinfesting themselves with parasites instead of the norm for deer, which is grazing while travelling about a larger area. Another problem is them getting killed by cars. The speed limit of 30 mph is strictly enforced on the island interior, and God help you if you hit one !

The keys are a unique set of islands and the scenery and the flowering shrubs and trees are so beautiful year round...but that's another blog.


Franz X Beisser said...

Hi, looks like you like the outdoors. I like your posts. I'm just getting going.

claudia said...

Thanks Franz !
Yes love to be out of doors!
Thanks for checking on my blog!

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