Thursday, May 19, 2011

May ramblings

These are stolen moments from my hectic schedule...Bob is mowing, the dogs are fed and run, but dinner still awaits the end of todays mow. The grass is growing too fast to keep up with, and so are all the wildflowers, some of which I captured on the run, today. I had to start with Penny cooling off in her favorite creek spot.

The Mountain Laurel is in full bloom. It scatters its lovely shapes and color all throughout the fast greening landscape...

This wild grapevine has found a good stake atop this semi-dead cedar..

My porch plants are also loving this humid weather...this 'Shrimp cactus' is loving its new place outside. Some say it's a confused 'Christmas Cactus'...

This is my 'Chocolate' orchid, and it does smell like chocolate! Its blooms are tiny, about an inch.

This crazy, stormy one minute, sunny the next weather has made for some really cool late afternoon skies, when the sun drops low enough to shine under the storm clouds..eerie.

The wet weather is also producing some wild looking fungi growing in the crevice of the wheel chair ramp out back...

This is the only turtle I have seen to date on the property, and beleive me, I have been looking!

...just some May ramblings down here on the farm in Virginia.

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Becky Mushko said...

John mows every day, too. He can't keep up with the grass either.

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