Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Creek


It was 45 degrees at noon, and the girls were antsy. Penny was verbally complaining. Belle just looks at you with that look. You know the one if you have animals. So I bundled up, fired up my 4-wheeler to loud barks and yelps and dances of great approval, and pocketed my camera.Here is the view from my place .

Bob has been running the girls for a long while now, as I find the cold makes the sinus infection I have had worse. I try masks, but the cold on my face really hurts. He has been talking about "tracks through the creek the whole way, in slush that has hardened." I said what kind? He thought raccoon. I think he's right. But the odd thing is the tracks go back and forth. Wonder what that little critter was up to?

Maybe this coon is old, like me. Maybe it goes one way, then forgets what it was after and then turns back again. One thing is sure, he's making tracks!



Sally Roseveare said...

I love the pictures, even though they make me shiver. You were brave to get out in the cold.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Aw, look at those little paw prints. They're like little hands.

I hope you're feeling better Claudia!

the brother said...

Racoons get a lot of their meals from brooks - frogs, crayfish and other aquatic critters. They also sometimes "wash" their food by dunking it in water before eating it. Maybe he was frustrated by the ice and was looking around for an opening. I find that your never too old to learn something stupid..... I miss the trail thanks for the pictures.

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