Saturday, December 19, 2009

White Insanity

The horses don't care..

The kids up the hill ride in the kayak..

It goes down the hill fine!

The dogs had a blast untill snowballs form on their butts!!!

Bob got out the John Deere...

We ran the 4-wheelers a bit..I used Clays because it has more ground clearance..

How many times will I clean off the snowballs??

The birds have been feeding heavy..

Still spitting snow and its COLD again tonight. 27 degrees at 9:20 ...
I thought I moved here to avoid hard winters!!!!



Amy Tate said...

The last one of these that we've seen was in 1996! But I agree, after a couple of days, I'm ready for things to go back to normal!

Merry Christmas!

Kas said...

Hi I hail from Australia and I just love your blog, gorgeous photos by the way.

Amy said...

a little oil, any kind -- cooking, baby, bath -- rubbed in the hair will prevent the ice balls. rub some in your hands then ruff thru the fur.

Anonymous said...

A kayak in the snow... now who'd a thunk?
Looks like a really fun filled day.

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