Sunday, May 11, 2008

farm horses and kids I forgot how to blog...I couldn't get into my account because I couldn't remember my password..I finally got it, and now I have stuck ANOTHER post it note on my desk, with valuable information attached..Probably lose it before I have time to blog again..

I'll tell you, this getting old isn't for me...
While my cousins were here, they helped me hitch my 6 year old miniature, 'Endeavour'. He is learning to drive, but his hardest part is turning around to see the person behind him! Gee's, even my horses are nosy! At least he is accepting of the foreign contraption...I'm hoping to find time to work him and get him ready for cart by my spare time...yeah, right!

Well, we did need the rain, but could it maybe rain lightly for a few days instead of the torrents we've been getting! We finally got the driveway repaired, and todays rain washed lovely veins throughout! UGH!
We rode to the creek to see what was up, and to run Belle, our Aussie...We have new trees down across it and old ones seem to have vanished! Our little pond is brown and overflowing its banks, and we have lots of those 'seasonal' creeks all over the acreage! BUT...we have grass, and looks like lots of hay!

My grandsons visit last week (was it last week or the week before?)found me searching for a way to bathe him. He is a squirmy 2 month old, and I have metal sinks and porcelain ones in the bathrooms, and I was really afraid he'd bang his head, so I used my 'good 'ole Yankee' ingenuity and put him in a cooler, on the porch! Sure wish it had a beer label on it! He enjoyed it very much and grandma felt much better about the plastic sides!

I'm going to Bedford Tuesday to babysit Caine. My daughter has every fancy new thing for a baby, including the nicest bath tub..all soft and colorful...but I'll bet he doesn't like it any better than the cooler bath! I can't wait until he's a little older so I can take him to the creek!!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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Amy Tate said...

Claudia I love it! That is great rehearsal dinner material - don't lose it!

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