Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Sun.The Moon.Cats don't care.

Is the sun the first thing we see in a day, or the moon ?

Like a beginning to an end, here is our old cat door being cut away to make room for the new 'dog' door. In the beginning there were cats. Dogs ,once they came, had to ask to go out or in, and cats being what they are, could do whatever they or out at whim. Then Belle, one of our Australian Shepherds, decided not to be out, and fit her 45 lb. body through the cat door...(after tearing out the plastic flap closure.) We couldn't beleive she did it, so Bob fixed the flap and we left her out the next day. When I came home, Belle was in and Penny was out...the flap was gone again.
So now the cats have a HUGE cat door that the dogs can fit through, and won't unless we are there to tell them to go through the hole....Hence the difference between cats and dogs.

Days end today showed a great sunset with a big orange sun and pink sky over our neighbors new 'shed'. Note the dogs running ahead. We jumped 5 deer so I turned right and went towards the old wooden barn...
...and took another sunset shot of Turkeycock Mountain in the background of what I call the 'flying nun' shed on my neighbors land..come on pine trees...grow back quickly!

Looking in the other direction at our house, was the moon through the branches of the old oaks.

So I went to the 3 acre field for a clearer shot...And I realized the sky was pink around the edges and the moon was rising up full...Looks like it could be a sunrise, with the moon going down. But it's not, and therein lies my origional question...

Do we see the sun or the moon first in a day?
Quarrie, one of our 5 cats, could care less. If it's daylight he catches birds..
if it's moonlight he catches mice and other small furry rodent-type critters..with luck he won't bring them in the dog...I mean , cat door.

And the garden is at its end...
Or is this the beginning of the spring garden ?

The circle has no beginning and no end...

and cats still don't care.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Promise

Can they get any fatter ? My minis look like furry kegs with legs ! They are eagerly awaiting the re-fencing of the greener pasture, the last of the fields.

November is a funny month here in Southern Virginia. Some things are still in bloom, and some are just starting to bloom, like this winter camelia. The flowers remind me of wild roses.

This giant sunflower made it through last nights frost, it was 25 on the porch this morning, but the sun warmed quickly and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue.

This is a picture of the new power lines that are running near our property. This view is from West Vaco looking toward Penhook. It is amazing how quickly the cut went through. No lines are visible yet.

The creek is low now, and some spots looks like a stream of leaves. This big Beech is hanging on to the ever decreasing bank. Each spring the creek swells up and debrie tears down the bank and washes away the soil that the trees hold to. Every year another big tree lays down its fight for footing. I'm afraid this guy isn't too long for the upright world.

November and all the Fall months are the best for me. Some say its morbid, everything is dying. I say its a preparation for life. The leaves come down and supply the soil with cover and food. The flowers die off leaving seeds for the animals and beginnings for new growth in the Spring. The snow will blanket and provide for a rich new start.
I love fall, it's colorful and it smells earthy and rich, and it has promise for a new beginning.
How can promise be morbid ?

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